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Icelandic sheep

Icelandics are a mid-sized sheep. Rams weigh around 180-220 lbs. Ewes are around 130-160lbs. 

They are prolific usually twining but triplets are not uncommon. Lambs are vigorous usually  weighing around 6-8lbs.

Icelandic sheep are a triple purpose breed bred for meat, milk, and wool. They can be sheared twice a year. They have a dual coat of fleece.  The thel, the inner coat is very fine and soft while the tog is the outer longer and coarser layer.

Their fleece comes in many colors, black and moorit being base colors. However with these colors they have five  patterns :white, grey, badgerface, mouflon and solid.

Spotting also appears.

Breeding Goals

These goals are just that, goals .We are breeding towards these goals. Some we have attained. Others remain in process. 

1: Above all a healthy animal

   1a: Rams should have wide horns

       1b: Ease of lambing

           1c:Parasite resistance

               1d:Holding good FAMACHA and  good body condition

                   1e: Good body confirmation


2: Foraging ability/100% grass

    2a: Animals producing well on only pasture (including lactating mothers and animals for dairy proposes)

3: Disposition:

  3a:Rams and ewes should be calm  and easy to approach/work with

     3b: Ewes should be diligent, attentive mothers    


  4a: Animals should produce reasonable amounts of meat, fiber and dairy on forage

We keep a guard llama to help protect against predators.